Subtle Energy Medicine


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The term "Subtle Energy" describes the vital force within all of us, the energetic dynamic that drives our body function, personal relationships.

37th Annual United States Psychotronics Association Convention

The July 2011 US Psychotronics convention showcased presenters discussing such diverse topics as methods for improving your garden and your personal health, wearable nutrition and emerging new scientific theories.

Quantum Medicine Conference, Recife, Brazil

The principle focus of the conference on Quantum Medicine held in Recife, Brazil, was to understand the involvement of the mind in the processes of health and healing. Nearly 900 people attended this fascinating event where the latest ideas in science were discussed by a panel of international specialists.

ISSSEEM Conference on Sacred Synthesis: Science with Heart

The theme for 2009 ISSSEEM conference was "Sacred Synthesis: Science with Heart." ISSSEEM is an interdisciplinary society with interest in the energetic component within many disciplines including quantum physics, therapeutic modalities, healing, psychology, consciousness, and the understanding of our multidimensional existence.

Quantum Energy Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

The epithet phrase “exploring, expanding and challenging the boundaries of health concepts and systems” was most descriptive of the life-changing intellectual environment experienced by all those in attendance.

34th Annual United States Psychotronics Association Convention

The 2008 conference was an effort to combine the paranormal with explanations regarding elements of healing which the world does not generally understand.

ISSSEEM Conference Explores the Role of Intent on Healing

Scientific studies continue to demonstrate "intent" as a unique determinant of outcome. This influence is perhaps greater in the field of medicine and health than in any other aspect of scientific endeavor.