Frequently Asked Questions

FAIM receives many questions related to the topics published on this web site. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I find a practitioner in my area?

How do I learn more about the cancer treatment by Dr. Simoncini, where I can get the treatment, and how effective it is?

FAIM has posted articles about Dr. Simoncini and his sodium bicarbonate therapy for cancer. If you have any questions about this treatment please visit his web site Cure Naturali Cancro. In order to get specific questions answered you will need to contact Dr. Simoncini directly. You can also visit the Simoncini Cancer Center.

I have been diagnosed with cancer and would like more information on alternative treatments and treatment centers.

Please visit our Cancer page where we have a multitude of articles on new advancements in alternative and complementary approaches to cancer.

The Cancer Control Society has considerable information available. They have lists of practitioners in the US and Mexico, and possibly information regarding practitioners in other countries.

Connie Strasheim has written a book entitiled Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative and Naturapathic Medicine Tell You How. This is a good reference for anyone considering treating cancer with complementary and alternative therapies. It gives you a good idea of what is available and how some of the newer approaches combine the best of science with natural treatment to tackle your cancer problem.

I have been diagnosed with cancer and would like to find a practitioner in my area.

Contact one of the following organizations who can help you find a practitioner who has been trained in alternative and complementary protocols for cancer.

I have been diagnosed with [any illness] and am looking for an alternative approach to pharmaceutical medicine and surgery. Where should I start looking?

The first step is to find a practitioner who has a practice which offers therapies which are of interest to you. This could possibly be a practitioner who has studied functional medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy or Chinese medicine. Following are organizations which can help you locate a practitioner.

It is also important to look at your lifestyle and determine if changes in diet, stress level, exercise, body pH, to mention a few, would be helpful. Our web site has articles by the top experts in the field including Dr. Eliaz, Dr. Williams, Dr. Sinatra, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Lark, Dr. Whitaker, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Wright, and David Getoff. Visit our Guest Writers section to learn more.

I suffer from heart disease. I have questions regarding standard of care for this disease and want to learn more about new discoveries in treatment.

FAIM works very hard to stay in the forefront of the latest therapies for heart disease. To read what the experts are saying visit our Heart Disease page.

I am interested in Homeopathy. How do I learn more?

FAIM has several articles on the site relating to homeopathy with contact information for one of the experts in the field. Visit our Homeopathy page.

I am using Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies and supplements for my illness which are very expensive. Since I am on a limited budget, do you know of sources which can help with my expenses?

Unfortunately FAIM is unable to help in these cases. We get asked this fairly often and know of no outlets that can help with this. It will be a great day when this approach to health care is covered by medical insurance programs.

I am interested in Stem Cell Therapy. Where do I go to get this treatment?

The FDA has made it very difficult to get stem cell therapy in the United States. Therefore it is necessary for most patients to travel abroad for therapy. The International Cellular Medicine Society has information on various clinics around the world.

I have Lyme Disease and am interested in the Byron White formulas. How do I get more information?

Please read our article about Dr. Anderson's and his introduction to the Byron White formulas. More information is available at Dr. Anderson's web site.

I am interested in getting more information about Biomagnetism by Dr. Goiz.

For more information contact Biomagnetism USA. You will find information about the therapy and educational opportunities.

I have Diabetes. What are some alternatives options available to me?

FAIM offers many articles on Diabetes. Please visit our Diabetes page.

I have become aware of a specific protocol and supplement and wonder if you use these at your clinic.

FAIM is a non-profit research oriented foundation, and not a clinic staffed with doctors. Please visit our web site for general information about many options in alternative and complementary health care. If the protocol or supplement is not found in your FAIM search then we do not have information regarding it.