Vaccine Myth: Vaccines Eliminated Many Epidemics and Saved Millions of Lives


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An unearned reputation of goodness

“There was a continuous decline [in disease]... from 1937 onward. [Whooping cough/pertussis] vaccination, beginning on a small scale in some places around 1948 and on a national scale in 1957, did not affect the rate of decline if it be assumed that one attack usually confers immunity, as in most major communicable diseases of childhood... With this pattern well-established before 1957, there is no evidence that vaccination played a major role in the decline in incidence and mortality in the trend of events.”

~ Gordon T Stewart, MD, Emeritus Professor of Public Health, University of Glasgow; Consultant Physician, National Health Service (Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine); Emeritus Fellow, Infectious Disease Society of America

There is no credible evidence that any vaccine has prevented any disease in anyone at any time. All of the epidemics for which drug companies created vaccines were well into their decline or gone before the vaccine was introduced on a mass scale. The real reasons for the decline of the epidemics of smallpox, measles, polio, etc. were improvements in hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, working conditions and clean water delivery. The vaccines came in well after the fact. Then the vaccine makers/conventional medicine wrongly took credit for it. See the book Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History, by Suzanne Humphries, MD for details (or visit the Dissolving Illusions website).

Here are two telling and powerful excerpts from this excellent book:

“With so many changes occurring due to massive public health initiatives, the dreadful living situation that existed for multitudes dramatically improved by the mid-1800s. Sanitary infrastructure, understanding of hygiene, vastly improved nutrition, labor laws, advances in science, and many other factors coalesced to create a radical shift. Children who were once dying from diarrhea and common infectious diseases were living and thriving in greater numbers within the span of several decades. The Western world had transitioned from squalor and suffering to what we recognize as our modern world.”

“Unfortunately, the flawed belief that vaccines and other medical advances were responsible for this amazing decline has dictated how infectious diseases are treated today. Instead of an emphasis on hygiene, nutrition, appropriate vitamin supplementation, immune system support, and natural remedies, the emphasis is always on costly antibiotics, vaccinations, and other medical procedures. These choices have not been without consequences, as they fight the germs instead of supporting the life force.”

Here’s a graphic, drawn from US government statistics, revealing how the vaccinated diseases were on their way out before the related vaccine was available on a mass scale (Thanks to the research team at the former Health Sentinel website).

So the next time you hear the tired and baseless phrase “vaccine-preventable disease,” you will know that the speaker does not actually understand what they are speaking of, and is merely parroting the fear- and guilt-producing propaganda used to coerce people into accepting these dangerous and useless poisons.

“It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.”

~ Glen Dettman, PhD, Pathologist, winner of the Australian Medal of Merit for outstanding scientific research

“The decline of disease is due to improved living conditions: Cleaner water. Advanced sewage systems. Nutrition. Fresher food. A decrease in poverty. Germs may be everywhere, but when you are healthy, you don’t contract the diseases as easily.”

~ Former NIH Scientist and Vaccine Developer who wishes to remain anonymous

“Up to 90% of the total decline in the death rate of children between 1860-1965 because of whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and measles occurred before the introduction of immunizations and antibiotics.”

~ Archie Kalokerinos, MD

Financial conflicts of interest

Why the savage attacks on those who intelligently and rationally question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines? Well, as the saying goes, if you get between a hungry dog and its food, even if it’s your dog, you’re going to get bitten. And if it’s a huge and overfed dog (like a drug company), bitten hard.

Vaccines worldwide are an estimated $50 billion/year industry. The drug industry, with its obedient slaves in government and media, has made vaccines the unquestionable Sacred Cow of modern drug-based medicine. Big Pharma has brought its brilliant and unexcelled powers of manipulation and control – of the government, medical journals, mainstream media, national Institutes, associations, research, legislation, and its usual servants, CDC and FDA, – to bear in expanding the number, global reach and coerced enforcement of vaccine programs. The good news is that the savagery of the attacks on those who question the ever-expanding, seemingly-above-scrutiny vaccine machine, mean that more people are asking questions, challenging assumptions, and waking up to the vaccine myths.

“Vaccines are the last defense of modern medicine. Vaccines are the ultimate justification for the overall “brilliance” of modern medicine.”

~ Former NIH Scientist and Vaccine Developer who wishes to remain anonymous

Why do so many pediatricians rudely and arrogantly criticize parents for questioning, delaying or declining vaccines? Perhaps because, unlike any other medical specialty, most of a pediatrician’s practice income, (80-90%, according to a wholistic pediatrician who attended one of my seminars), comes from the product sales and service fees related to vaccines. Pediatricians are the degreed sales force for the vaccine machine. In 1982, the cost of fully vaccinating a child in a private pediatric practice was $80. In 2013 it was $2,300. In an age of declining insurance reimbursements for medical care and an ever-expanding vaccination schedule, defending the vaccine machine is a matter of practice survival for most conventional pediatricians. The good news is that most pediatricians who have the professionalism to graciously respect parental choice regarding vaccines, without coercion, have busy practices full of families who are sick of the offensive medical pontificating from most of their colleagues.

“For a pediatrician to attack what has become the “bread and butter” of pediatric practice is equivalent to a priest denying the infallibility of the pope.”

~ Robert Mendelsohn, MD, who was one of America’s greatest pediatricians, and author of the book How to Raise a Healthy Child... In Spite of Your Doctor, essential reading for all parents

“I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instances of these diseases you will realize that this is not so.”

~ Archie Kalokerinos, MD

An example of the medical mafia’s brilliant coercion is the terrible bill that now threatens to become law in Colorado, the infamous HB1288. This legislated and incremental erosion of health freedom will force all parents who wish to exercise the philosophical exemption to vaccination to watch an “educational” video of one-sided, pro-vaccine propaganda, or endure the same live, from a physician, usually a pediatrician. It also requires schools to disclose, on request, their vaccination rates. This ups the guilt-producing pressure on schools and parents who have been lied to, that vaccination somehow protects other kids and the immune-compromised. As is common with all things vaccine, the opposite is true. Herd immunity only applies to naturally-acquired infections, not vaccines, and microbial shedding (e.g. pertussis vaccine) may increase risk of infection in those in proximity to the vaccinated.

So what to do?

1. Fear not. As a wise teacher once said, “Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid.” Since vaccines do much more harm than good, enormous amounts of fear (and guilt) is needed to sell them. Remember that non-medical people who defend vaccines are people too, and probably have the same interest you and I do – what’s best for the children. Start from a place of oneness, not separation and confrontation. We can disagree agreeably.

2. Read anything not sourced from the mainstream media or medicine, which distributes a tightly-scripted collection of lies, designed to promote the greatest evil of modern medicine. The books mentioned above, plus Dr. Tim O’Shea’s brilliant Vaccination Is Not Immunization, is a great start. To learn what’s happening in your state to advance the clear agenda of unlimited forced vaccinations for everyone, and what to do about it, go to NVIC Advocacy Portal.

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